Area Maps


Our maps are very convenient to use and to give directions. The maps are 8.5″ x 11″ and will conveniently fit at the front desk, or at the concierge desk. They’re easy to read (uncluttered) digital quality. They come in pads so there’s no need to unfold them. Just tear one off and give directions quickly and precisely to your guests. The hotel has a star locator on the map saying ‘You are here’ and it has colored locator dots with the name of each place of interest in your area.

Ft. Lauderdale/

Hollywood, FL

Miami, FL

Western NY/

Jacksonville, FL

Our maps are sponsored by local restaurants and businesses who depend on the business from the guests at the area hotels. Therefore those sponsors will have the benefit of having their advertisement on the reverse side of the map, so that each time the hotel staff hands out a map, they’ll also be handing out the advertisements for the local sponsors (it’s a map / restaurant & business guide).

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